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Welcome to WET - A - Royel Corporation
Chicago, IL 60632 - Company Contact: 773.590.0722

Built On Advanced Engineering  

Royel Corp., WET division was established in 1992, built with advanced engineering in the specialty of chemical testing and engineering our company has become one of the biggest private label manufactures in the world. Our products are distributed world wide to various companies and are in supermarkets world wide. Royel's  WET division in chemical engineer has been a chosen manufacture for some of the biggest distributors in the world today! We manufacture a wide variety of cleaning chemicals and laundry detergents. Our products are blended with every chemical agent needed to give the highest levels of cleaning. Royel is the main marketing line in sales distribution and price listing. We distribute an extensive line of products for the Food Service, Housekeeping, Janitorial, Institutional, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Industries.

WET division, Royel Corp., makes every liquid product you see in our Product List. Soaps, degreasers, disinfectants, deodorizers, waxes, and polishes as well as industrial chemicals; We make and distribute it right in our own factory!

Specialty Chemicals & Custom Blends

We are different and unique, Most of our chemicals are focused on specialty chemicals and custom blends. From re-engineering products for a cheaper cost to inventing new products the market has not seen yet. We succeed were other fail to treat service. Quality is our main priority goal for all custom blends. Working with us will help you succeed where other fail to provide service. There is no chemical solution we cant figure out or make happen, Join a winning team to elevate your products to the next level of innovation.

On This Marketing Sales Site you will find other product lines offered by partnered companies Royel is in correspondence with at our trade shows and events.


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