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5 Gallon Soap Fundraiser

Have you heard of the 5 gallon soap fundraiser?

A unique package size not sold in retail markets. Being able to sell a product not sold in retail markets is key to being successful, and different then what the retail market has to offer.

Who doesn't like to buy in bulk if the price is right? If you resell our brands packaged in 5 gallon pails for your fundraiser for $45.00 each this would still be 100% cheaper then the retail market. At the same token you would make around a $15 to $20 profit for each container.

If you bought this much detergent at the retail market you would have to buy around 5 of the biggest bottles you could find adding up to at least $100.00.

Working with us you can cut the price in half to $45.00 give the customer a great deal. Twice as much for half the price.

What are you selling? Alondra | Rhea | Soffia Brands. Strong national brands. Don't believe us research our brands for yourself. See what millions of customers around the world have to say our products.

email us at royeldealtimeinc@att.net or call us via phone 773-590-0722