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Posted on 1st Feb 2011 @ 9:38 AM

WWW.ROYELDEALTIME.COM, ROYEL DEAL TIME, ROYEL CORP., W.E.T., AND OR OUR MANUFACTURES AND COMPANIES, ** Our Brands - Alondra, Rhea, Soffia are our brand name detergents. We do not take any responsibility of products re-sold under false statements. Our products can only be Compared to other quality brand products in reference to fragrance, quality, strength, price, coloration, effectiveness and so on. Our products are backed 100% by company warranty and insured. Products re-sold, changed, private labeled, are limited to our warranty and insurance and our companies cannot support products re-sold under private labels, non labels, formulation tampering. We do supply 100% warranty and insured for our customers of direct sale of contact, no third party. Products must be returned as sold. In many cases our company does honor 99% warranty.

This notification is just a disclaimer to acknowledge we are not apart of other brand names. We have our own registered brand names.

DO NOT SELL/SALE OR OFFER OUR PRODUCTS UNDER ANY OTHER TRADE MARK BRANDS IN WHICH YOU DO NOT OWN - For your own safety. Represent your own brand names, sales, - you are backed with 100% quality warranty.

Contact us if needed!